About Us

Planet Style was started by myself, Liz Clark. After working in the fashion industry and constantly fighting the inner battle of loving fashion, but hating the environmental impact that comes with it, I decided to start shopping more sustainably. This included buying second hand clothing and researching sustainably made clothing.

I quickly learned of all the treasures you can find when you do a little searching in consignment stores, and how much more eco-friendly (not to mention less expensive) my shopping habits had become.

Many of us want to support plenty of the incredible environmental initiatives and charities that are playing a role in fighting climate change, but it slips our mind and we’d rather spend money on things like clothes, bags, and shoes. Trust me, I get that. This is why I decided to donate 5% of all purchases to a different charity every three months. Now you can shop for clothes, bags, and shoes, and still feel good about supporting our environment!

Each of our charities are carefully vetted to ensure they do what they say they do, and that the money donated will be spent in a responsible manner.

Planet Style is not associated or affiliated with any of the brands we sell. All copyrights are reserved to the original brand owner.