Consign With Us

So you’re looking to get rid of a few pieces, maybe for some new pieces, maybe for some cash? We can totally help you!

Here’s how it works:

  1. You email us at telling us what you have to consign (pictures are a major plus!)
  2. We’ll let you know (the same day) if we’re interested in the items.
  3. We send you a form to go over, and you send us the items!
  4. Your items will be priced according to market value, demand, and condition.
  5. We send you the prices for you to review before setting them for sale.
  6. Once the item sells, you can choose to either receive a check or keep your funds in our system to use for a purchase.

You’re probably wondering well what will I get? Our consignment rates are determined by the selling price

$1 – $200

50% consignor / 50% Planet Style

$201 – $1,000

60% consignor / 40% Planet Style

$1,001 +

70% consignor / 30% Planet Style