Mango Vernis Bedford 30


In stock


Size 12″W x 5.75″H x 5.75″D

Strap drop is 7″

The size 30 is the preferred size for most, when it comes to the Bedford. This is a good size to be able to put it over your shoulder.

Retail Price $1,400

Color Mango, this color was only released from 2000 until early 2001 when it was discontinued, making this a rare bag.

Condition Good.

Over time, creasing has started to show. There are also small pen marks on the inside, and a faint mark on the side.


Though the price reflects the condition of this bag, it still has plenty of years left. The original dust bag is not included with this bag, but it will come with a dust bag perfect for the size, provided by Planet Style.

 Style Code VI 0011



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